World famous castles, historic French towns, intricate, regal architecture and valleys upon valleys of vineyards and natural landscape. If this list gives you itchy feet then this luxury chateau in a valley fit for Kings should be top priority for your next holiday.

A Rich History

Throughout history the Loire Valley has played host to the most esteemed French royalty, nobility and celebrities, including infamous names such as François I, Charles VII, Leonardo da Vinci, George Sand and Marcel Proust. Since the 10th century, French Kings chose the Loire Valley as the site to construct their grand chateaux, so today the 280 kilometres of valleys are scattered with some of the most impressive castles in the world.

Le Clos Luce - Iain G

Le Clos Luce – Iain G

Chateau Du Mont Felix

Private holiday rentals in the Loire Valley are rare, however, Chateaux Du Mon Felix gives you the opportunity to live like a King with 10 hectares of your own private parkland – a fairy-tale woodland backdrop in one direction and in the other, clear views of rolling green valleys all the way down to the neighbouring village of Beaulieu-les-Loches.

This holiday rental breathes luxury inside and out, through its grand high-ceilinged reception rooms to the heated outdoor pool. With five suites, there is enough space to accommodate a group of adults or a combination of thirteen adults with children, plus two babies. It’s a great choice for a sophisticated adult getaway or a family holiday.

Chateau Du Mont Felix

Chateau Du Mont Felix

Chateau Du Month Felix Salon Vue de Loches

Chateau Du Month Felix Salon Vue de Loches











The location in La Touraine, also known as the ‘kingdom of chateaux’, makes it an ideal base for visiting all of the most magnificent chateaux and the nearby historical towns of Azay le Rideau, Chenonceau, Amboise and Leonardo Da Vinci’s Clos Luce chateau. It is also only 3 miles from the medieval royal citadelle of Loches, one of the Loire Valley’s must-see attractions.

Other nearby boasts include:

  • The idyllic Indre River (10 mins)
  • Tennis courts (1.5 km)
  • Golf holes and driving range (2 km)
  • St Jeans river beach & waterfall (1 km)
  • Loches open markets (Fri & Sat)
  • Open air theatre concerts (Chateau de Loches) (Summer only)

A Cultural Landscape

The appeal of the Loire Valley doesn’t stop at luxury and historical poignancy. In 2001, UNESCO listed it as a World Heritage site for its ‘cultural landscape’ full of appealing attributes such as the aforementioned historic towns, Renaissance and pre- renaissance architecture and medieval fortresses, abbeys, cave sites, gardens, vineyards and more.

Loire Valley Vineyard - Roger Braunstein

Loire Valley Vineyard – Roger Braunstein

With the abundance of vineyards, including cherry, artichoke, asparagus and of course grape, there comes an abundance of vineyard tours on offer. Wine tasting is a popular activity in the region, going hand in hand with gastro dining – while living like a King you should also eat like one. In fact, some of the vineyards, first cultivated as early as the 5th century, predate the artful buildings with which they share the valleys, making them another pinnacle of the region’s history. Wine cognisors will recognise the names of many famous wines made in the Loire Valley vineyards.

The most favoured ways to explore the valleys and attractions are by bike or on foot and the local tourism website suggests a number of good itineraries to ensure you make the most out of your stay. However, there are a myriad of other ways to explore to choose from, for instance, on horseback, by canoe, or on a route mapped out by gourmet dining hotspots or cheese tastings or the Decanter’s ‘Six of the best Loire Valley wineries’ list to name a few.

However you choose to appreciate the Loire Valley, at Chateau Du Mont Felix you can be right in the centre of the culture, history and landscape that are the reasons people visit from all around the world. After a night in such luxury and a day in such a beautiful environment it is easy to see why Kings chose to live there and the historically rich and famous followed suit.


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