In the very south of the world, tourists who are looking for a different experience may find their perfect holiday in Argentina. This country is a weird mix. It is at the same time “European” and South American. Buenos Aires was built to be the Paris of the South, and it actually looks quite similar, but going out from the capital city the true identity of Argentina starts to emerge.

For many years, the locals of the huge countryside of Argentina were the “gauchos”, workers of the local estancias (countryside houses or ranches). The typical gaucho would dress in a heavy poncho (a kind of blanket with a hole for the head), a large knife and wide trousers. They would usually ride horses while working with the cattle.

But this description is not so much of the past. Nowadays, there are many estancias still open, and the gauchos who live in them welcome tourists who decide to visit.

Argentina is a large country and therefore, the options are multiple. However, Niche Escapes selected three options (North, Middle and South of the country) for those who want to live an authentic gaucho experience on their holidays, while eating a typical Argentinian asado.

A little gem in the Northern province of Salta

In the city of Cafayate, very well known for its beauty and its wines, there is a magnificent estancia for those who enjoy the beauty of the mountains.

There are plenty of activities to do in their 550 hectares, from polo and golf to wine tasting and horse rides. There are also spa facilities and a “little gaucho” experience is being developed for children.

Those who decide to stay in this place can choose to rent one of the 12 rooms in the main building or one of the 20 independent residential villas, all of them with wi-fi, air conditioning and access to the outdoors Jacuzzi and swimming pool, between other amenities.


An estancia just hours away from Buenos Aires city

Just 200 km away from Buenos Aires city, in the province with the same name, there is an estancia called La Fortuna. Close to a small village called Salto, this estancia offers a truly authentic experience, since visitors can see gauchos at work, ride horses or take a tour in the gardens riding a sulky (a kind of antique carriage).

This is the perfect place for those fond of history, since it dates back to 1873, when it was built by the Franco-Argentine Estrugamou family. As many other buildings of Buenos Aires, it was designed by a French architect (Le Bergere) and the main house was built in 1902. However, the gardens have a German influence, since they were designed by the landscaper Otto Becker.

This house is exclusively open for residential stays, for up to 16 guests.


Glaciers and gauchos in the South of Argentina

In the South of Argentina, right next to the the Glaciers in El Calafate, there is a traditional estancia called Nibepo Aike, built at the beginning of the 20th Century by a Croatian immigrant.

Up to 23 guests can sleep in the ten bedrooms of this estancia, which main activity is related to beef cattle and sheep.

Guests who stay in Nibepo Aike can feel like real gauchos milking cows, herding sheep or rounding up cattle.


Any of these options can provide an authentic Argentinian experience for a unique holiday to South America. Nevertheless, if this is not the niche holiday you were looking for, keep posted with Niche Escapes and find about more unique places which could turn your next trip into your dream holiday.

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