Are you a holiday cottage owner in Ireland? Maybe you are an agent and manage more than one?  

We have a demand for holiday cottages especially in Ireland and especially if they have a fireplace!

Niche Escapes is a new platform for property owners to list and target guests by presenting the accommodation in areas of travel they are actually interested in, not just the destination. This means that guests will be much more engaged and willing to stay with you.

Benefits to you:

  • Pick three Niches – Market your cottage correctly
  • Access nearly 10,000 engaged Niche Escapes followers
  • List in Euros and travelers pay you in Euros, all within the site and safely
  • Export and import your calendar for easy management
  • Unlimited photos
  • Your Listing has events local to your cottage
  • Your reviews will always be your reviews – download at any time

More information here

Irish Holiday Cottage



About The Author


Founder of Niche Escapes Ltd. Has helped manage a Family owned Chateau de Mont-Felix in the Loire Valley, France for the past 20 years. Specifically interested in the Niche travel areas and looking to improve client's experience online and off when renting a holiday property. Please follow and share!