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As per Italian legend, the corpse of Pontius Pilate was dragged by wild bulls from Rome and dumped in a lake high in the Sibillini mountains in Le Marche, referred to today as the Lago di Pilato.


apennine mountains

Warlocks and conjurers hung around here in the Middle Ages planning to gather with the fallen angel (stones engraved with mysterious images have been found on its shores), and locals say its a play area for witches.

Be that as it may on a sunny August morning, as we set off to climb to the lake from the town of Foce, there are no magicians in sight – simply a sprinkling of different walkers, outfitted with nothing more premonition than maps and pressed snacks. After a delicate begin crosswise over pastures and forest we’re soon moving through thick woods on soak ways, rising up out of the shade into clearing, sunlit elevated landscape, before at last arriving at the noticeably little, innocuous lake.

Part of Italy’s focal Apennine mountain extend, the Sibillini are not just stunningly wonderful, they’re saturated with aged myth as well. Through the following few days we trek through the beautiful Gola dell’infernaccio, (the Gorge of Hell), where butterflies dance and streams bubble, and to the Cave of the Sibyl, where the legendary prophetess who gave the mountain extend its name is said to have stowed away in the wake of escaping the underworld.

The territory, which turned into a national stop in 1993, spreads 70,000 sections of land, with more than 20 crests in excess of 2,000m. Cut from limestone by icy masses, tough inclines are diminished by bloom filled plateaux, and the recreation center is home to various natural life, from wildcats to porcupine.

While down on the Adriatic holidaymakers battle for space on the sunny shore throughout crest season, the mountains remain euphorically uncrowded – and cooler.

Flying into Ancona, we get an auto and take after the seaside street south, then turn inland towards Macerata, cheerfully deserting the heating sunny shores. Ways wind through woods and peak towns as pretty as any in Tuscany, as the inaccessible snow-topped mountains develop closer.

Inside a few hours we’re being invited to La Cittadella dei Sibillini, our base outside Montemonaco, by holder Silvio Antognozzi. There are 18 en-suite rooms in this enchanting, feeble fifteenth century farmhouse, and the perspectives are incredible. You could sit in the arrangement and look at the lush mountainside throughout the day (the pool is one of the best arranged I’ve seen), and we gaze at the stars in a cloudless sky into the early hours.


Each night the peace is broken for supper – a set, five-course issue of conventional food. Neighborhood specialities, for example, pecorino cheddar, truffles and garlic-broil pork are washed down with carafes of territorial wine.

Montemonaco itself is a walled medieval town of 800 occupants, 1,000m above ocean level, settled by Benedictine friars around the tenth century. There’s a cobbled square with surrounding patio, a sprinkling of restaurants, two houses of worship, a pastry kitchen and a few shops. Every day we stock up on cheddar, prosciutto and bread and take off to investigate.

There are loads of such towns to meander around close-by: Montefortino, its roads implicit semi-loops around a medieval focus, is worth a stop, and the town of Ascoli Piceno to the south, with its white marble focal square and scrumptious stuffed, breaded olives, is an immaculate spot for the night passeggiata and aperitivo.

Gli AppenniniOn our last day we head north to Lake Fiastra. No legends of suffocated Roman rulers, simply an immense sparkling territory of water encompassed by mountains, with pockets of individuals sun-showering on its shores, an ideally set campground and several bars. “Who needs the sunny shore?” I think as we scramble down the banks and jump into the crisp water.

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