For some, it seems strange to go on a holiday and exercise the whole time. Aren’t you supposed to unwind and relax when you’re taking a break?

It’s a great question, but there are plenty of reasons to go on a cycling holiday. Everybody is different, and whilst some want to lounge around the pool drinking cocktails in the early afternoon, others want to explore, travel far and do it by themselves.

What Are the Benefits Of A Cycling Holiday?


The most obvious benefit is exercise. We’ve all hit the scales after two weeks away and felt ashamed. You can feel the cholesterol pumping around your body.  Post-holiday blues, you shake the dust off your running shoes and hit the road. But if you spend hours a day cycling mountains, roads and parks, you’re constantly burning fat and won’t feel that bloated sensation when you’re home again.

The majority of holiday-goers want to de-stress, and what better way than cycling? Exercising produces endorphins – your body’s natural chemical that makes you feel good, and it also reduces stress levels. Alcohol on the other hand can actually increase chronic stress levels for some.

Now we’re not saying to not enjoy alcohol, but instead, take a different angle on your holiday. Spend your time exploring, not drinking. You’ll feel better for it (and remember everything the next day).

See Somewhere Different Every Day


Bedroom, pool, pub. Bedroom, pool, pub. That routine every day for a week can get tedious and too predictable. If you go on a cycling holiday, you’re guaranteed to see a new part of the area every single day.

Normally you’re chained to the hotel’s facilities, but if you rent a holiday home in a rural location,  you’ll constantly be in new locations. You’ll have stories to tell about the different places you’ve been. You’ll have memories that will stay with you forever.

Cycling holidays are becoming increasingly more popular and many people prefer them to the traditional holiday of sunbathing and drinking your body weight in alcohol.

When you’ve cycled a huge mountain, you can’t beat the views from the top. But even as you’re coming back down, you can enjoy the beautiful countryside and forever-lasting greenery.

Spend Time Relaxing


You’re probably thinking ‘how am I supposed to enjoy time relaxing if I’m cycling everywhere?’ True. But, hearing the birds and natural sounds as the days pass by is a lot more relaxing than cars speeding past or people shouting in the street. You’ll be breathing in plenty of fresh air and feel refreshed every night before going to bed.

Getting the family to spend quality time together can be difficult – especially if everyone is busy or has different interests, but a cycling holiday is an excellent way to bring the family together and explore the countryside.

Many cycling holidays are family-friendly, so you needn’t worry about the children having nothing to do at night! Have fun in the sun and chill at night.

A holiday is supposed to be enjoyable and get you doing something new and exciting. There’s no better way than to spend it cycling on new grounds and watching the sun rise from the top of a mountain.

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