Thousands of holiday home-owners rent out their property to travellers all around the world with no problems. It may seem confusing, but these tips will guide you through how to make it a successful and easy process.

Renting out your holiday home is a great way to earn extra money whilst you’re not using the property. If you can get money for someone living in your home whilst you’re not using it, why wouldn’t you?

It’s understandable that you might have concerns about letting strangers enter your home, and this is a personal decision to make. But you’ll be renting to like-minded people. Individuals who share the same interests and morals as you. If you don’t feel comfortable letting some people into your home, then don’t, but we are a trusted company who will support and guide you in the process.

Don’t forget that your tenants are obliged to obey the rules set by you, and if they violate these, you have every right to terminate their stay.

By booking through our website you have your right to say whether you will or won’t allow pets, young children or smoking in your home. Clarifying your rules and regulations will prevent any future misunderstanding so everyone is on the same page.

Many people see renting out their property as a business to earn additional income and this a popular choice for anyone who wants to take a step into the property world.

Stick to the rules. This includes fitted fire alarms and insurance in the event that any unlikely accidents were to happen. Protect your guests and holiday home. The average visitor will stay for only one to two weeks, but you want to make their stay comfortable and safe.

A picture says a thousand words. When uploading photographs of your holiday homes, make sure they’re good quality and you include both internal and external views of the home. Tidy and clean the home beforehand. People want to imagine themselves there, and your images have to sell an experience to them. The more photos you can provide, the better, to encourage people to get a real feel of your home.

Along with your pictures, provide us with accurate, descriptive details: how many rooms, what size the rooms are (ie. master room or single room), where it’s located and if it has additional features, like a hot tub or pool.

Renting your holiday home doesn’t have to be a stressful experience. We help to make it a smooth and successful experience. If you have a holiday home you’d like to make some income from, then Niche Escapes can help you. You’ll be grateful once you receive excellent feedback and you’ll want to do it again!

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