Imagine a place where you can sit in the sun, your feet touching the clear water of a swimming pool in the middle of the mountains. You can hear nothing but the sound of one or two animals in the distance. Your eyes get lost in the beautiful landscape and all you can feel is peace. Now stop imagining, and think that’s a reality. This place exists and it’s in a small village in Italy called Castelraimondo.

You have probably never heard of this place, but it may be the perfect option if you are looking forward to have a calm holiday, where you can relax and get in contact with nature. The hills and mountains that surround the city make it the perfect spot if you like trekking. What’s more, you may get to other villages close by just by walking or taking a short train/bus ride.

Getting to Castelraimondo is easy. The closest airport is in Ancona, and from there you can catch a train to this village or, if you rent a car, it is about an hour and a half drive. You can also opt to get a train from Rome, though the trip is slightly longer.

Once you are there, you can take a morning to walk around the village and get to feel the authenticity of its old streets and traditional houses. Don’t miss the chance to tray an authentic Italian pizza in Il Pendolino, the bar situated right in the train station, or to have a dinner experience in Osteria del Borgo, without doubts, the best in town.

If you are there on a Friday morning, you can also live the experience of the town market. The main streets get completely transformed with shops and stands. You can get anything there, from clothes to food, from pots and pans to shoes… In this market you will get the chance to try the best cheeses, hams and sandwiches. My recommendation is to try the famous “porchetta” and the Ciauscolo (a traditional sausage of this region).

If you are a foodie, you also have to try the famous Italian “aperitivo”. The best in Castelraimondo is in the pub Ludwig Strasse. If you go before 7pm, you can order your drink and pay just a little bit extra for the “aperitivo”, which means that they will bring loads of snacks for you to try. It’s absolutely worth it.

And there are plenty of villages and towns around which are worth visiting. Places like Camerino or San Severino Marche are just ten minutes away by driving or you can catch the bus which will take you there for less than 5 euros. Matelica, Fabriano (famous for its paper), Macerata and the stunning Grotte di Frasassi (huge caves with stalagmites and stalactites) are all places close by which capture the best of nature and Italian culture.

And if you want to immerse deeper into the Italian culture, you can also study the language in different courses provided by schools in the area. In Castelraimondo there is Campus Magnolie, in San Severino Marche you can find Edulingua and in Camerino you can study in Scuola Dante Alighieri. The courses have different lengths and most of them include much more than just learning the language. They provide you with an insight to Italian lifestyle and many include trips and excursions.

Where to stay

If you chose to do a course, most of the schools provide accommodation for their students. But if you are just going on a holiday and all you want to do is relax and enjoy the nature and mountains, a perfect place is Villa Casabianca 1753. The image that was described at the beginning of this article was inspired by this accommodation, and the one illustrating this post was actually taken there. You can either rent a room or apartment in the main house or you can have a bit more privacy in one of the three apartments built where the stables used to be. This villa can also be the perfect place if you are planning a wedding abroad. Surrounded just by nature, you could have a dream location for your ceremony.

Credit: Maria Belen Conti

Credit: Maria Belen Conti

Another option is you are into the agrotourism is Casa Lancianello. The owner of the house, who describes himself as an architect who loves art and history, offers the possibility of guided tours if booked in advanced. This house is located in the limit between Umbria and Le Marche, two beautiful Italian provinces, and gives a privileged access to the surrounding mountains. It is located in Seppio, about 15 minutes bus ride from Castelraimondo.

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