Everyone wants to travel light when they go on holiday, but it seems so difficult to pack two weeks’ worth of belongings into a tiny case.

Taking a heavy case is bad for your back when you’re trekking, you have to spend hours queuing before your flight, and you risk a charge if it’s too heavy.

You’ve probably heard stories about putting socks in shoes, and wearing 5 t-shirts and your heaviest shoes on the plane, but let’s face it, that’s just inconvenient and not to mention uncomfortable.

If you’re going on a two-week holiday (lucky you!), here are a few ways to cram everything you need into a small space:

  1. Make Sure You Choose The Right Bag

Check the size specification of the airline you’re flying with by visiting their website (some require different sizes). If you have a connecting flight, be extra vigilant to check with each airline. Get it wrong and you’ll have a price to pay!

Choose a material case and not one that’s hard. This is a sure way to squeeze in extra bits in the corners. Buy a case that’s lightweight. You’re not doing yourself any favours if you’re wasting most of the weight just on the case.

A bag that has pockets on the front makes it easier to get your important documents out, such as passport and flight documents, without having to scrabble through your case.

  1. Prepare Your Outfits

This is the best tip for saving space, as most people take too many clothes on holiday. They take everything they like and don’t plan what outfits they’ll actually wear.

Be ruthless with yourself a week leading up to your holiday and plan what you’re going to wear each day. Create outfits that you can mix and match. Plain tops work well because you can wear jeans, a skirt or shorts with them, and add a colourful necklace to wear in the evening.

Try everything on before you pack it, so you know it fits well and you’ll definitely wear everything when you’re away. I’m not a fan of wearing four layers on the flight because that can make you sweat more, thus making the clothes unclean for the next time you wear them.

It doesn’t matter if you wear the same clothes multiple times. This is logical thinking and stops you having to unpack a wardrobe of items when you arrive at your destination.

If you’re going somewhere warm, take clothes that have a thin material to save room and keep you cool. If you’re visiting somewhere that’ll be cold, take a coat, hat and gloves, and wear them on the plane.

  1. Wash Your Clothes In The Sink

If you’re still struggling with space despite taking a small wardrobe, it could be underwear that’s taking up the most space. You need at least one pair of clean underwear a day, but if you only take a few with you, you can wash them in the sink at where you’re staying.

Take only half the amount you need, and if you’re worried that you’ll need to take three t-shirts for each day because they’ll get dirty, just take one. Pack a mini pot of detergent and wash items in the sink every few days and hang them up to dry.

It’s easier if you take just coloured underwear so you don’t have to waste the fabric cleaner on whites and colours.

Run the hot tap until it’s the hottest it can be and fill the sink up with water. Add your dirty garments and pour in some detergent into the sink. Scrub the material together to give it a good clean and swirl everything around in the water. Leave to soak for 30-45 minutes and then empty the water and rinse out everything under the tap. Squeeze the excess water out and hang to dry.

Once it’s dry, you can then spritz the underarms with some perfume to leave it extra clean. If you run out of detergent whilst you’re on holiday or don’t have time to do the sink-wash method, hang up the clothing in the bathroom whilst you’re having a shower. The steam will freshen clothes.

Pack items that don’t need ironing so you can wear them without looking creased.

  1. Roll, Don’t Fold

Rolling your clothes is the best technique to create more room. Folding isn’t recommended. You can even put one t-shirt on top of another and roll them up together. This is a great tip!

  1. Don’t Take Many Liquids

100ml isn’t a lot, but you probably won’t need a full pot of moisturiser, so only take what’s needed. Buy 50ml pots or even smaller ones to reduce the space your liquids are taking up. There are many things you can buy whilst at your destination, such as deodorant and shampoo. Soap takes up less room than shower gel and you use less of it too.

Here’s another tip: Travel-sized liquids can be expensive. But if you buy a small deodorant it’s cheaper than a travel-sized one, so check down the aisle where you usually go first.

Make your life easier by packing in advance. Don’t save it for the night before, and remember to weigh your case before heading off to the airport. Keep your important belongings (such as travel documents and liquids) at the top of your case so you can access them easily and keep heavier items at the bottom.



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