There are few better places to visit for a luxurious, outdoors holiday than the English countryside. The Cotswolds, largely spanning the regions of Gloucestershire and Oxfordshire, are an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and offer some of the best sites and attractions you’ll find in the British Isles. These are a few of our recommendations for things to see or do during your trip to the countryside.

Take a Walk on the Wistful Side

It might seem a bit cliché but when you find yourself in one of the most beautiful areas of England it behooves one to take the time to appreciate the sights and there’s few ways better to do that than with a good walk. Consider a nice pub walk so there’s light (or at least beer) at the end of the tunnel by taking a stroll to the Mount Inn in Stanton where you’ll find a dog-friendly pub with marvelous views and refreshing beverages to take in after your walk.Cotswolds Cottage

Visit Cheltenham Festival

We are only a mere three months away from the Cheltenham Festival and punters are already beginning to place their bets for the upcoming horse race. While not necessarily the most isolated of experiences the Festival is a must-see for anyone that find themselves in the countryside come March. Each year thousands upon thousands of racing enthusiasts, revelers and socialites descend upon the quaint Glouchestershire town to experience one of the biggest sporting events in England. The Festival is set to begin March 18, 2016 so we’d suggest starting to make plans if you hope to enjoy the spectacle.

Disconnect from the Digital Deluge

When surrounded by so much natural beauty the last thing you need is your enjoyment being spoiled by the intrusion of today’s modern technology. For families looking for a great glamping destination that still eschews some of the modern creature comforts the Cotswolds PubAshe Lodge in the Cotswolds is a perfect option. The cottage boasts a 40-acre farm with loads of room for children to play and there’s even an indoor pool so you can remove yourself from the chaos of daily life while still enjoying some of the finer things.

Get Things Cooking for Your Camping Trip

We appreciate a nice restaurant as much as the next person but everyone knows the big thing these days is learning to prepare your own meals for your family with the freshest ingredients. Thankfully, with pristine countryside comes even better produce and the Cotswolds are full to the brim with great options for the glamping gourmand. The Daylesford Cookery School in Oxordshire offers courses in healthy cooking that appeal to everyone while also promoting wellness through yoga and mindfulness techniques. The market garden from where you get your ingredients will have you looking like a pro on your next country picnic.IMG_0174

These are just a few of the amazing experiences we suggest you try out should you find yourself in the countryside but the area is so large the best thing you could do would be to get out there and explore it yourself and make your own adventure.

Have you been to the English Countryside recently? Are you planning a trip soon? We would love to hear about your experience in the comments section below.

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