In very ancient times, men used to sleep in caverns to protect themselves from the weather and predators. But times changed. Now we all live in houses or buildings, and the idea of sleeping in a cavern sounds at least weird. However, maybe because of our distant link to those cavemen, it also sound interesting.

So, for those who would like to get back in contact with history, nature and adventure, a cave holiday rental may be the differential they were looking for their holidays. And one excellent option is in Spain, in the region of Granada.

Just 8km away from the city with the same name, there is a small town called Monachil. There, travellers who want to be amazed by nature can find two very particular rentals: Cuevas La Chumbera and Casa Cuevas Muntasal.

As their names show, travellers who choose to stay in these places will be sleeping in caves. But these caves are not at all like those of the prehistoric men, since they have been carefully decorated to fulfil the needs of the guests.

Both these caves accommodations offer everything travellers need to have a comfortable stay in an area surrounded by the beautiful Sierra Nevada National Park.

As a matter of fact, there properties are a bit over one hour driving distance from the Sierra Nevada Ski Resort, which makes them a very convenient place for those fond of winter sports. And those fond of history would enjoy the minimum distance that separates them from UNESCO World Heritage sites such as La Alhambra. But they shouldn’t forget that the village of Monachil also has a rich historical past, with interesting places to visit such as its 15th century parish church, 17th and 18th century houses known as Casa de los Señores de Aragón, and the Encarnación church.

Cuevas La Chumbera

With free wi-fi, kitchenette, patio and separate BBQ area, Cuevas La Chumbera offers five possible converted caves to their guests. The smallest one is for two adults, but the biggest can receive up to 8 guests.

If you travel in the summer, this property also offers a swimming pool and nature lovers can enjoy the garden where they grow several fruits and vegetables.

Staff members will also help guest organize plenty of activities such rock climbing or archery.


Casa Cuevas Muntasal

This property offers two cave rentals. And for those who are not feeling very earthy, there is also an attic to rent, which provides an alternative if not everyone in the travelling party would enjoy a cave experience.

This property also offers kitchenette, BBQ area and private terrace. Also, those who want to relax can take a yoga class or a meditation or massage course. And if guests are food fanatics, they can even take a Spanish cuisine course.


If you are feeling earthy and want to become a “caveman” during your holidays, these Spanish rentals are great options. But if you are still not convinced, keep posted with Niche Escapes and find inspirational ideas for your next unique holiday.

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